Intellectuals: Isolation on Ocalan aims to abort democratic project

A number of intellectuals from Kobanê canton denounced the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and said that the isolation imposed by the Turkish authorities aims at aborting the democratic project..

Turkey continues to impose isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, as it rejects the request of his lawyers and his relatives to meet him, which is considered by jurists as a clear violation of the international law, human rights standards, and international conventions relating to political detainees.

The intellectuals of Kobanê canton say that Turkey is trying to limit the spread of Ocalan's thought, who is credited with the prevailing democratic project in northern and eastern Syria, and therefore, Turkey imposes isolation on him and fears him even while he is in prison.

The member of the Intellectuals Union of Kobanê canton Ezzat Habash believes that Turkey has been practicing a policy since ancient times to strike the Kurdish Cause and eliminate the Kurdish revolutions by controlling the leader of the revolution.

He added: “The Turkish state repeats the same scenario against the leader Abdullah Ocalan as it imposes isolation on him, and prevents the lawyers from meeting him in order to eliminate his idea and philosophy, which had a great impact on the democratic project in northern and eastern Syria.”

He explained that Turkey is breaking the international standards and laws against the leader by imposing isolation on him and preventing the lawyers from communicating with him.

In a related context, the joint head of the Intellectuals Union of Kobanê canton Layla Abdo denounced the isolation imposed by the Turkish authorities on the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Layla Abdo said: “The world is based on two forces; the force of evil and the force of good. The first always works to eliminate the second. This is what Turkey does by isolating the leader Abdullah Ocalan.”

She noted that Ocalan has a democratic project through which he seeks to eliminate the injustice practiced against the peoples of the region to liberate them from their sufferings.

At the conclusion of her speech, she saw that the imposed isolation takes place with the approval of all international parties, and aims to obliterate the Kurdish identity and eliminate the Kurds’ revolution through the leader Ocalan.


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