Intellectuals Union urges NE, Syria people to repel Turkish attacks

The Union of Intellectuals of Jazira region urged the people of NE, Syria and all intellectuals to confront the Turkish aggression and support the military forces.

Dozens of intellectuals from the Girê Legê district and the city of Dêrik gathered at the center of the Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM, in the Girê Legê district, and made a statement to the public opinion on behalf of the Intellectuals Union of Jazira region, regarding the Turkish attacks on NE, Syria.

The statement of the Union of Intellectuals of Jazira region was read by the member of the Union, Bradost Mitani, and the statement referred to the continuous attacks of the Turkish occupation state on NE,Syria, and explained: "The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have been hostile to the July 19th Revolution since the first day."

The statement indicated, "The Turkish occupation state is constantly launching attacks through warplanes, tanks, and missiles on the safe NE, Syria, in addition to supporting extremist groups such as ISIS mercenaries, Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Hamzat, and al-Amshat. It also occupied several areas of Syrian territory, such as Afrin, Jarabulus, Idlib, Girê Spî, and Serêkaniyê."

The statement also stated that "the Turkish occupation targets, on a daily basis, populated areas such as al-Shahba, Tal Rifaat, Ain Issa, Kobani, Tal Tamr and Zarghan, and leaders and administrators who struggle for freedom are also targeted by UAVs."

It stressed, "The Turkish occupation state sought to impose surrender and injustice against the people of NE, Syria, and he said:" Thanks to the valiant resistance waged by the fighters and our resisting people, these dirty conspiracies are thwarted.”

The statement stressed: "History confirms that death is ultimately for the occupiers, the Ottoman Empire ceased and the people remained."

On behalf of the Jazira region's Intellectuals Union, Mitani addressed the people of the region, and said: "We appeal to all intellectuals and the people of the region not to fall into the trap of the occupiers. We must defend the soil of our homeland, not to leave our villages and cities, and to strengthen our institution and support our military resistance forces."

T/ Satt.


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