Intelligence report warns of the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS in Germany

A German intelligence report said that the country is still an important target for "terrorist groups", noting that the Muslim Brotherhood has a strong presence in the capital, Berlin.

"The attacks that have been thwarted by the authorities in recent years indicate that Germany, especially the capital Berlin, remains an important target for terrorist groups," the report of the Constitution Protection Authority (Internal Intelligence) in the state of Berlin said. According to Al Ain News.

"The risk of terrorist attacks in Germany remains high," the report continued.

"Individual movements have become more dangerous, as individuals often move individually to carry out terrorist attacks, influenced by the thinking of extremist groups," the report issued this week added.

The report stated that "ISIS mercenaries returning from Syria and Iraq pose a major threat to the country's security, and to Berlin in particular."

He added, "During the past period, about 65 of the ISIS mercenaries have returned to Berlin, 20% of whom are women."

"The authorities have launched criminal calls against ISIS mercenaries returning on charges of joining a terrorist organization and endangering the country's security," the report also described.

The report also mentioned that the Brotherhood and the Turkish "Milli Gorsh" movement (the National Vision) associated with it, have 600 influential leaders in Berlin.

The Muslim Brotherhood has a strong presence in Germany, through the Organization of Islamic Society, and many small organizations and mosques scattered throughout the country.

The Constitution Protection Authority puts all the institutions and leaders of the Brotherhood in Germany under its control.



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