Intensive attack on Hmeimim Base, shelling escalated on De-escalation zones

For the fourth time in 11 days, the Russian base of Hememim in Syria was attacked by the mercenaries belonging to Turkey, while the Syrian regime and Russia continued to escalate the bombing on the so-called De-escalation zones.

Turkey's mercenary gangs launched attacks on Hmeimim Military Airport in the rural areas of Lattakia province, which is considered the largest Russian base in the Syrian territories.

According to the Syrian Observatory, Hmemim Base was attacked by rockets, while the Russian defenses confronted the rockets which headed towards the base, while some rockets landed in surrounding agricultural lands and the villages of al-Qabisiyah and Bkhedramo. Moreover, no casualties have been reported so far.

On 2 May, the Hmemim Base was also attacked with missiles by a number of mercenaries supported by Turkey.

Intensive raids by the Syrian regime and Russia on the zones of De-escalation

In a related context, the regime's helicopters dropped on Monday morning 13 barrels of explosive on the so-called De-escalation zones, 8 of them on the town of al-Habit south Idlib and 5 barrels on the town of Kafar Naboda north of Hama, in conjunction with heavy land shelling by the regime forces on areas of the two towns.

The warplanes also targeted with four raids locations in Kafar Sejana and its outskirts in the southern countryside of Idlib and with two raids the village of Sayyad. The Sukhoi aircrafts also targeted with two raids areas in al-Katiba al-Mahjora (the Abandoned Battalion) area in the eastern sector of the Idlib countryside, while battles erupted in axes of al-Janabera and Kafar Naboda in the northern countryside of Hama between the Syrian regime forces and Turkey's mercenaries, accompanied with targets and Mutual bombing.

Russian warplanes continue their intensive bombardment in the so-called "De- escalation zones", where at least 33 raids have been carried out since Sunday midnight - Monday to the morning.

According to the Syrian Observatory, Russian raids targeted Khan al-Sabel, Termala and Abedita areas. The raids also targeted the village of al-Zebra and al-Hamira in the south of Aleppo, al-Qasabiya, Megher al-Hamam, and areas of Kafar Aweid and Kafar Sejana.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the loss of 20 people to their lives on Sunday during the ongoing escalation between the Syrian regime and the mercenary gangs in the De-escalation zones and areas of Hama.



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