​​​​​​​Internal Security Forces: National Defence militias bid to destabilize region

It was assured by the Internal Security Forces that they would defend all gains made by virtue of martyrs, stating that attacks by the National Defence militias on posts held by theirs aim to destabilize the region.

Yesterday, elements of the so-called ''National Defence'' attached to the Syrian Government attacked a checking point held by the Internal Security Forces in Hilko in the city of Qamishlo and fired bullets to which the Internal Security Forces reacted, that led to clashes between the two sides.

Media Office of the Internal Security Forces on North and  East Syria released  yesterday evening a statement that reads: ''on Saturday, January 23rd, 2021, clashes erupted between our forces and the National Defence militias affiliated to the Syrian Regime Government in the Hilko Quarter of the city of Qamishlo, at six o'clock PM, and due to the attack carried out against our forces and firing live ammunitions at them our forces reacted and defended their posts''.    

''in coordination with the Relations Office of our forces Russian Forces intervened to alleviate situation in the city, after giving pledges that National Defence militiamen won’t repeat such a scenario. 

'', we confirm that such actions aim to destabilise the region as a whole, to which we assure to our people that will defed all our gains that were made thanks to the martyrs''.



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