Internal Security Forces reveal details of Qamishlo events

The General Command of the Internal Security Forces ISF (Asayish) in North Syria released a statement on the details of what took place in Qamishlo city on Saturday morning of clashes between them and elements of the regime.



The text of the statement, has posted on the official website of the Internal Security Forces, said:

"A patrol of the regime consisting of three cars on Saturday morning entered the areas of control of our forces in Qamishlo city and the arrest of unarmed civilians and as they passed from one of our military points, the patrols targeted our forces with light and medium weapons and our forces responded to this attack, where 11 elements of the regime have been killed and 2 members were wounded and due to this clashes 7 of our comrades were martyred and one wounded .

We in the internal security forces in North Syria renew to our martyrs and our people to preserve the gains of the revolution and the people and we promise them to confront any party that tries to attack the gains and unity of the people or try to undermine the security and safety of citizens.



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