​​​​​​​ Internal Security Forces reveal outcome of Turkish attacks on region

 The Internal Security Forces of northern and eastern Syria revealed the outcome of the brutal bombing of the Turkish occupation army on separate areas of northern and eastern Syria, and renewed the pledge to defend the region.

 The Internal Security Forces in north and east Syria issued a statement to public opinion today, pledging to defend the people of north and east Syria and sacrifice their lives for them and their regions.

 At the beginning of the statement, the statement said: "The Turkish occupation has escalated its bombing operations on the towns of Ad-Darbasiyah, Amuda and their countryside since Monday evening until this morning, as it continues with artillery shelling on the town of Tal Tamr and its countryside, which resulted in the injury of three citizens, with varying injuries, and the city of Kobani with artillery shells."  This resulted in the death of a 14-year-old child, and the injury of five civilians, including a woman and a child. The shells also targeted vital and service facilities.

 The statement added, "The Turkish occupation continues to escalate the military on our areas and expand the geographical area of ​​the bombing in light of the international silence and the failure of the guarantor countries to fulfill their obligations to cease fire and to restrain the Turkish occupation from these actions."

It stressed, "We in the Internal Security Forces pledge to our people that we will sacrifice our lives for our people and regions by following the footsteps of our martyrs until we achieve the safety and security of their lives and offer our blood for that."


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