​​​​​​​Internal Security: Turkish aircrafts targeted Russian point, investigations are underway to find out reasons

The Internal Security Forces in North and East Syria said that Turkish drones bombed today a strategic focal point of the Russian forces in ad-Dirbasiyah, and that their investigations are continuing to find out the reasons that led them to target a point taken by the Russian forces.

The Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria issued a statement about the drone targeting ad-Dirbasiyah area today. The statement included:

"The Turkish occupation army continues its indiscriminate shelling of the cities and towns of northern Syria, as a drone of the occupation army targeted a military post of the Russian forces today, Thursday, July 16.

The point that was bombed by the Turkish fascist army is a strategic focal point, 1 km south of the town of ad-Dirbasiyah, on the road leading to the city of al-Hasakah. The targeting resulted in the injury of a Russian soldier and three civilians, while investigations are ongoing to find out the reasons for targeting a point taken by the Russian forces.

Before the international community and human rights organizations, Turkey continues its aggression without any deterrence to its terrorist act, which is being paid for by innocent civilians in every targeting by Turkey."



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