International Coalition delegation visits al-Tabqa

A delegation from the International Coalition to Counter IS in Syria headed by the main adviser to the coalition, William Robak, visited the countryside of the eastern al-Tabqa. The delegation met with the sheikhs and tribal notables of the region to discuss the recent developments in the Syrian arena, especially the US decision to withdraw from Syria.


On their visit, the delegation of the International Coalition, which included a number of personalities ranging from advisers to the military ones, they visited the Tribal Reconciliation Council’s office in the town of Mansoura, located in the eastern countryside of al-Tabqa.

During the visit, sheikhs and tribal notables discussed the repercussions of the US decision on withdrawing from Syria and its negative effects on the security and stability of the region in light of continuing Turkish threats to North and East Syria, especially after the US decision.

The dignitaries also stressed that IS did not end and military elimination is not enough, but the threats are still present and operations carried out by sleeper cells in the liberated areas confirm this and this poses a real danger that must be tackled.

The sheikhs of the tribes of the region called on the delegation of the International Coalition to ensure the military and logistical support for Syrian Democratic Forces, which liberated northern and eastern Syria from mercenaries who are fighting in the last pocket of mercenaries in al-Baguz, stressing the need to take explicit and public positions on the Turkish threats, which sole aim is occupy the region and tamper with its security and stability.

The main adviser to the International Coalition forces to fight Daesh in Syria, William Robak has paid multiple visits to areas in northern and eastern Syria to discuss the views and opinions that reflect the decision of US President Donald Trump to withdraw from Syria.


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