International report: ISIS still aspires to control territories and population in Syria and Iraq

A report issued by the Security Council analysis team said that ISIS is still exploiting the security gaps in Iraq and Syria to return and carry out attacks and aspires to control the territories and population of these two countries.

The report pointed out that "ISIS is establishing its foot in Iraq and Syria and is showing confidence in its capabilities to work increasingly in areas that were former strongholds."

The report stated, however, that "currently ISIS is only a rebel group embedded in rural areas, which does not have the capacity to continuously threaten urban areas."

It also stated that "the new leader of ISIS, Amir Muhammad Saeed Abdul Rahman al-Mawla, has not yet clearly imposed himself on the means of communication, and this may appear to be a limiting factor for his influence and attractiveness. Perhaps the influence and appeal of the entire ISIS."

it added that "ISIS operations have increased in the conflict areas in Iraq and Syria, and this is a source of concern for the members of the UN Security Council."

It added that "terrorist groups are exploiting the outbreak of the coronvirus in order to carry out propaganda and fundraising efforts. In some areas, it seeks to take advantage of the prevailing perceptions that the attention of the security forces has focused on other topics."

The UN report warned that "the international community may face more obstacles in combating terrorism and extremist rhetoric if the Corona pandemic causes a severe global recession."

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