Invitation to participate in the events of 15 February

The Kongra Star Coordinator in Rojava called on all women to go out to the squares and denounce the international conspiracy and demand the lifting of isolation, in a statement.


In conjunction with the anniversary of the international conspiracy against the Kurdish People's leader Abdullah Ocalan, the Kongra Star Coordinator in Rojava issued a statement, in which it confirmed that the plot aimed to eliminate the will of the Kurdish people in general and women in particular.

The text of the statement:

"On behalf of the Kongra Star Coordinator in Rojava, we strongly condemn the international conspiracy against the leader  Abdullah Ocalan, which aimed to eliminate the will of the Kurdish people and women in particular, and confirm that the plot failed to reach its target thanks to the historic resistance shown by the leader in prison and the development of paradigm of democratic nation as well as the resistance of the Kurdish people and friends and their struggle in all squares under the slogan "You cannot obscure our sun."

The international conspiracy began on October 9, when the Syrian government, under pressure from the Turkish state, ousted the leader from Syria. The leader went to the states claiming democracy but was transferred for four months from one country to another until he was arrested on February 15, 1999 by Turkish intelligence with the complicity of the local powers, but the leader with his will, thought and philosophy foiled it and turned Imrali prison to the school of resistance, where he issued many arguments that are the source of solution for all crises and contradictions in the Middle East.

On February 15, history witnessed a black day, but for the Kurdish people, it turned into strength, struggle and resistance against the conspiring force. The Turkish fascist government would not only capture the leader but impose strict isolation on him and prevent him from meeting with his lawyer because of the fear of the Turkish state. The peaceful coexistence of peoples and the establishment of the rules of democracy and freedom for all the peoples of the region, which in turn threatens the national states, but the Kurdish people, friends and women especially, who owe to the leader building the project of freedom of women, did not stand idly by, the best example of this is the activities of hunger strike in prisons led by struggler Leila Guven and also the activities and events held in Europe and Kurdistan proves the determination of the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region to break the isolation imposed on the leader.

We, as Kongra Star in Rojava launched a campaign of activities and events under the slogan "We will lift isolation and defeat fascism to build the democratic nation" to denounce the international conspiracy and demand the removal of the leader's isolation.”

We appeal to all women in the world, the democratic forces and the people demanding freedom to rise on February 15 and go out to the squares to denounce the Turkish government's policy of imprisoning the leader and conditions of isolation. We call upon the international community and human rights organizations to pressure the Turkish authorities to deter them from carrying out their random and unjust policies against peoples calling for freedom."



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