Invitations to stop Turkey's violations against women in occupied Afrin

Afrin canton's women have appealed to the international community and human rights organizations to work to end the increasing abuses by Turkish army mercenary gangs against women in Afrin.

The mercenary gangs of the Turkish occupation army have escalated their violations against the indigenous people of Afrin, especially women, as there have been many recent cases of women being kidnapped and killed deliberately.

On November 17, Turkish mercenaries killed the young women Nargis Daoud from the village of Kemar in Sherawa district and kidnapped the child Roya Hanano Mustafa (15 years) from Ghazawiya village in Sherawa district on the 15th of this month.

According to the Human Rights Organization in Afrin, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries since the occupation of Afrin to date have killed at least 30 women in addition to the abduction of dozens of women, the fate of which many of them are still unknown.

Aisha Sido, Yazidi woman from Afrin who now lives in al-Shahba district, describe what happens in Afrin of the violations against women by what happened in Şengal in 2014 when ISIS attacked it.

"In 2014, ISIS mercenaries occupied Şengal province and committed genocide against the people. Now this is happening in Afrin after the Turkish army and its mercenaries occupied it," she says.

She added: "After the displacement of the people of Afrin to al-Shahba, some families remained inside the occupied area, but they are being killed, kidnapped and assaulted by the factions loyal to the Turkish occupation, Khanim Ibo from the village of Fakira and Fatima Hamko from the village of Qatma killed by mercenaries after throwing a bomb into the house w that was good example of Turkish brutality. "

Aisha Sido appealed to the international community and human rights and humanitarian organizations concerned with children and women to intervene, and concluded by telling ANHA agency: "There are daily violations against the people, we appealed a lot but we have not received an answer, the international community must intervene and break the silence, where committed severely crimes enough against our people of violations."

Suad Hasso, a woman from Afrin, said: "The abuses are increasing in Afrin, even though Erdogan meets in the White House and speaks that he is protecting the people. But all this is a slander. Dozens of women have been killed recently, including Nargis and Roya Khalil."



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