Iran backs down from EU offer on nuclear deal

After it agreed in principle to the EU offer on the nuclear deal, Iran quickly changed its view and declared its rejection of the proposal, which again shows the floundering Tehran regime.

France has proposed to provide credit lines of about $ 15 billion to Iran until the end of the year to ensure oil revenues, in return for Tehran's return to full compliance with the nuclear deal.

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said Iran was ready to fully comply with the nuclear deal "only if it received $ 15 billion in oil sales over four months, but Tehran quickly retreated and changed its position." In later, Iran rejected the European offer.

"Iran is rejecting an offer of a $ 15 billion loan from the European Union," the English-language Press TV said, without elaborating.

The French initiative provides for a down payment of the $ 5 billion credit line, in return for Tehran backing away from its threat to raise uranium enrichment to 20 percent.

In the second phase, 10 billion dollars will be offered in return for Tehran's full commitment to the nuclear deal, as it was before last May. The third phase involves negotiating with Iran over its regional role.

On Thursday, Iran set a deadline for Europe to "save the 2015 nuclear deal."

In this regard, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the next steps Tehran will take to reduce its obligations under the nuclear agreement will have extraordinary effects.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States was imposing sanctions on Iranian space agencies for their involvement in sensitive activities related to the spread of ballistic missile development.


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