Iran renews its bombardment on the areas of Bradost and Balkayti

Iranian artillery renewed its intensive bombardment, on Monday morning, on Bradost and Balkayti regions of Soran, north of Hawler in southern Kurdistan.

The correspondents of Roj News Agency stated, "Iranian artillery again bombed the vicinity of the village of Saqr and Barbizina area in Bradost region," noting that the Iranian bombardment also renewed on the surroundings of the villages of Kostan Sirk, Halkurt and Barmasardi in the Balkayti area.

Iran's attacks in Bradost region caused severe damage, and these attacks coincided with the attacks of the fascist Turkish state on Southern Kurdistan, which led to the emptying of several villages in the region.

Bradost regions and Balkayti have been subjected to bombardment by Iranian artillery for more than a week in a row.



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