Iran threatens to end agreement with IAEA

An Iranian document revealed that Tehran had threatened to end an agreement it concluded with the International Atomic Energy Agency, which the agency carries out for its activities, in case the agency’s board adopts a US-led effort to criticize Tehran next week.

Tehran, this week, reduced its cooperation with the United Nations agency, and ended additional inspection procedures that were applied under the nuclear deal it concluded with world powers in 2015, in the latest step to respond to the re-imposition of US sanctions on it after Washington withdrew from the agreement in 2018.

In its document sent to the remaining members of the International Atomic Energy Agency prior to next week's quarterly meeting of the agency's board of governors, the United States said it wanted a draft resolution that "expresses the Council's deep concern regarding Iran's cooperation with the agency."

The American document, which was seen by Reuters, stated that the council should call on Iran to stop its violations of the agreement and cooperate with the agency to explain why uranium particles were found in old, undisclosed sites, in findings confirmed by the agency’s report this week.

Iran, in turn, said in its document, which was seen by "Reuters": "Iran considers this a destructive step and represents the end of the mutual understanding reached on February 21 between the agency and the Islamic Republic of Iran," referring to an agreement with the agency’s director general, Raphael Grossi, which was concluded early this week.

She added that this "may lead to more complications in the nuclear agreement," noting that France, Britain, Germany and the United States "revealed their plans" regarding a draft resolution to the Council.

Iran did not mention the measures that it stopped implementing this week, but said that they include a so-called "additional protocol" that allows the IAEA to conduct surprise inspections at undisclosed sites.



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