Iran welcomes al-Kazimi appointment as Iraqi prime minister

The Iranian Foreign Ministry welcomed Mustafa al-Kazimi's appointment to form the new Iraqi government, saying it was a step in the right direction.

"We hope that Kazimi will succeed in the task of forming the Iraqi government to secure the demands of the Iraqi people and religious authority for a stable and unified Iraq that enjoys an important regional and international position," the Iranian Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

 "Tehran is ready to cooperate with the forthcoming Iraqi government to overcome the problems and achieve the lofty goals that the people and the authority in Iraq aspire to," It said.

"Tehran has always supported the independence, sovereignty, unity of Iraqi territory and the political stability of Iraq, and the consensus of political currents by democratic means is the only way to achieve a peaceful solution to differences in Iraq," It said.

"The solidarity of all Iraqi communities, political parties and prominent figures, including Mr. Adnan al-Zarfi, will play an influential role in fulfilling the aspirations of the new Iraqi government," It said.


Source: RT

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