Iranian artillery and drones bomb party's HQs, areas in Hawler and Sulaymaniyah

Iranian artillery renewed its bombardment on the Bradost areas in Başûr, for the fifth consecutive day, while Iran's explosive drone attacked headquarters of three parties in East Kurdistan in the Zergweez area near Sulaymaniyah and the Koy district of Hawler.

According to Roj News Agency, Iranian artillery has renewed its bombardment of Bradost areas in the Kurdistan region for the fifth consecutive day, while the Kurdistan Regional Government has not issued any statement in this regard.

The agency indicated that the Iranian bombardment was renewed on the Bradost areas, especially on “Birbizin, Saqr and the surrounding valleys.” it added that “the bombing caused material damage to civilian property; The area contains many orchards and summer crops,” stressing that as a result of the continuous bombing for five days in a row, many families were forced to leave the area.

In this regard, Hassan Rahman, the member of the Political Bureau of the Iranian Communist League, said that "several Iranian drones bombed the headquarters of their association in Zergweez, near Sulaymaniyah, since the dawn hours."

He explained, "We cannot provide any information about the damage, because the attack and bombing are continuing so far." For his part, Saeed Amani, the official in the Communist Association, confirmed to Rojnews that the bombing targeted the headquarters of the Association of the Toilers three times, and the headquarters of the Revolutionary Association of the Toilers four times.

According to the information received, the Iranian booby-trapped drones bombed the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iran in Koy district as well.

It is worth noting that the regions of Bradost and Balkayti have been subjected to shelling by Iranian artillery for 5 days in a row, while the Southern Kurdistan Regional Government has not yet issued any statement condemning the bombing.



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