Iranian Forces arrest Kurdish activist

On Monday, Iranian Forces arrested the Kurdish activist Anisa Jaa'fari on groundless bases, where she was taken to an unknown place.  

Iranian regime proceeds to put pressure on civil society activists, where yesterday at night, house of the Kurdish activist Anisa Jaa'far Mahr in the town of Shahbad in the Kermanshah governorate of Eastern Kurdistan was raided. 

Information obtained by the Rojnews Agency purport that Iranian Forces arrested Anisa while her house being raided, and that all her personal files were confiscated without a judicial order.   

Anisa is a student at languages department, and member of the Literature and Writers Council in Eastern Kurdistan.

Worth to note that Anisa had been arrested by the  Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the IRGC, on December 17th,  2019, and she was released after a short period of time.


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