Iranian Mariam: revolution of women in Rojava must be applied in Iran, world

Maryam Hikmat Shawar said that the revolution that was launched in Rojava is a revolution that represented women and gave them a free democratic life and became a model that should be applied in Iran and around the world.


Hawar news agency (ANHA) held interview with Mariam Hikamt who has been living in Germany for 30 years, after coming with German women delegation to Rojava to see the project of Autonomous Administration and democratic federation in North Syria, to learn about the women’s situation closely, their work, organization and revolution they represented.

Mariam works in social affairs in support of children and young people and has worked to help refugees from all over the world to Germany.

And why she came to Rojava, Maryam said she heard a lot about the women in Rojava through the news and other people "As I came here to get a closer look at the women's revolution, I see this society in which women and men share together in various fields

Mariam described the progress made by women in Rojava in the historic leap of women in the region "She organizes and runs her own business, whether politically, militarily, socially or economically, and has the freedom to make decisions. The presidency is shared with men in all institutions."

In her speech, Mariam stressed that the revolution of women in Rojava must be applied to both Iran and the world, stressing that women in Iran are subjected to various kinds of violence and persecution.

Mariam ended her speech "Women in Iran must organize themselves and fight for their freedom, break the restrictions imposed by the state and begin their first steps to free themselves from injustice. Women should follow the revolution of women in Rojava to reach a democratic free life."




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