Iranian military delegation to Syria to meet regime, Iraq

Iran's army chief of staff, Major General Mohammad Baqeri, headed to Syria on Sunday, heading a military delegation, amid talks about Russian-Iranian differences in Syria.


Iran announced on Sunday that the army chief of staff, Major General Mohammed Baqri, went to Syria, heading a military delegation.

According to the agency "Fares" of Iran that Baqari, headed a military delegation, on Sunday morning to the Syrian capital Damascus, in order to participate in the tripartite meeting to combat terrorism.

Both the Chief of Staff of the Syrian regime and the Iraqi will attend the meeting.

Major General visit also includes an inspection tour of Iranian military advisers in Syria.

The Syrian issue has many contradictions and disagreements as the Russian-Iranian rivalry is evident in Syria, and Iran is concerned about Russian rapprochement with its adversaries in the region amid talk of a Russian green light to remove the Iranian forces.



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