Iranian nuclear program, Turkish relations at EU table ... today

The foreign ministers of the European Union will discuss, in their meeting, Monday, in Brussels, the Iranian nuclear file and relations with Turkey, in addition to other files.

On Saturday, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias stressed that his country was proceeding to talks with Turkey in good faith and in a constructive and not provocative spirit, but he stressed that the sovereignty of Greece does not accept negotiations.

The minister said, according to the official Greek agency: "We hope that the talks will lead to easing tensions, and that the Turkish side will participate in the negotiations in a similar spirit."

It is worth noting that the exploratory talks between Greece and Turkey, the two countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), will resume in Istanbul, Monday, with the holding of its 61st tour.

Greek-Turkish relations had witnessed severe tensions during the past months, against the background of gas exploration in the eastern Mediterranean, but the relative calm had recently returned after the mediation of NATO and the European Union with German efforts, and an agreement to resume negotiations between the two parties.

In the context, a European diplomat called on Iran to return to the nuclear deal without conditions.

The diplomat indicated that the countries of the Union hope for the return of the United States and the new administration to the agreement, explaining that the nuclear framework is the only negotiating framework for the agreement.



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