Iranian protests reach Tehran on second day

The Iranian protests are continuing on the second day respectively, it reached Azadi Square in the centre of the capital Tehran.

The Iranian protests reached Azadi square in the middle of Tehran, expanded to many cities in a fast escalation for the protests which erupted Saturday evening. After the revolutionary Guard hold the responsibility of downing the Ukrainian plane by  mistake.

Filmed videos showed posted on twitter tens of protestors in front a number of universities of Tehran they were chanting : they lie and say to us our enemy is America, our enemy here" Other videos also showed tens of protestors in other cities.

Iran "international" agency showed a video for a crowded demonstration in Tehran in the middle of Azadi Square

Male and female students also gathered at " Buhishti" university chanting the slogans condemning the downing of the Ukrainian plane they chanted .."our enemy here not America we don’t want spectators" according posted by Iran international.   

The protests erupted at Damagan university north of Iran and Asfahan university in the middle of the country the chants focused on the Iranian Supreme Leader the Revolutionary Guard kills . the Supreme Leader supports it

 The protests began on Saturday, after the Iranian army apologized for the accidentally shooting down the Ukrainian plane on Wednesday, killing all 176 people on board


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