Iranian state arrests activist Leila Zafer

The Iranian state has arrested human rights defender and teacher, Leila Zafer, for her support for the “Jin, Jiyan, Azadî” uprising.

Iranian human rights defender and teacher, Leila Zafer, was arrested by the Iranian state authorities, after she shared it on her account on virtual communication, according to Furat news agency (ANF).

The content of the message, which was published by Leila Zafer on one of her accounts, says, "We cannot back down from the path we took. We offered martyrs to remove this veil and families," and affirmed, "We will not let the blood of our martyrs remain on the ground."

The Iranian police also raided the house of Leila's sister, and confiscated the technical equipment of activist Leila Zafer.

After the killing of the Kurdish young woman, Gina Amini (22 years), at the hands of the Iranian state's "morality police", in mid-September of last year, under the pretext of her non-compliance with the conditions of hijab, a popular uprising erupted in Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) and Iran, with the leadership of women and the slogan "Jin, Jiyan, Azadî" (Women, Life, Freedom), continuing until now, despite the Iranian state's suppression of it.

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