Iraq … a strike in schools, universities; death toll from Friday rises

Today, Iraq witnessed a strike by a number of schools and universities, while the number of victims of Friday's protests rose.

Al-Sumaria news channel reported that protesters' students closed the main gate of the University of Karbala and prevented entry to it.

She added that the protesters prevented students, teaching staff, and employees from entering the university.

While a local source said that most of the school students east of the capital, Baghdad, went on strike.

The death toll from Friday's protests in Iraq rose to 25 dead and 130 injured.

On Friday, masked gunmen in civilian four-wheel-drive vehicles opened fire indiscriminately at machine guns at close range on protesters, to create panic in the airspace of protesters in al-Khilani Square, close to Jisr al-Sinak, where the armed attack took place.

In another context, the Iraqi parliament called for an emergency session next Monday in the presence of the high security leaders to discuss targeting protesters in Baghdad.

This comes after drone targeting the headquarters of Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, was targeted, and the movement subsequently threatened it with a hatch that no one would expect.



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