Iraq announces for launching military operation to besiege ISIS mercenaries 

Iraq announces the launch of a military operation to pursue ISIS mercenaries, with the participation of forces from the Iraqi army and federal police, as well as the Popular Mobilization Forces.

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced, on Sunday, the launching of a military operation in Diyala governorate, east of Baghdad, that aims to pursue ISIS mercenary cells.

The operation was launched in 3 axes, and it is a continuation of previous similar operations "aimed at creating a safe environment for the return of the displaced to 6 areas of Diyala province."

Forces of the Iraqi army and federal police, as well as the PMF, are participating in the operation.

This development comes a day after the Popular Mobilization Forces announced their response to a violent attack by ISIS mercenaries in al-Azim sector northwest of Diyala, according to the Iraqi News Agency, Saturday.

A statement by the PMF stated that "the brigade's 23rd forces, in PMF responded to a violent attack by ISIS in the Al-Azim Sector northwest of Diyala."

On July 11, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi pledged to continue military operations in order to pursue any threat to terrorist gangs, during his visit to Diyala Governorate.



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