​​​​​​​Iraq formally protests against Turkish attacks

A statement issued by the spokesperson for the Iraqi cabinet, Ahmed Mulla Talal, Saturday, confirmed that the Iraqi government delivered the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad two official letters of protest, with strong tone, regarding the attack by the Turkish forces on Iraqi lands, and stressed that it will resort within the framework of international law and covenants to establish the right of Iraq to reject and stop these attacks.

The statement pointed out that the Turkish forces have been carrying out repeated attacks against Iraqi territory for some time, and that Baghdad strongly rejects and condemns these actions that harm the close, long-standing and close relations between the two peoples.

The statement called for the immediate cessation of these attacks, which are detrimental to regional peace, as well as what constitutes an assault on Iraqi sovereignty, lives and property.

The statement said: "We hold the Turkish side responsible, legally and morally, for all the human and material losses that occur, in addition to the violations and sovereignty represented by Iraq and its sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of its people."

The statement urged the international community to "take steps that would enhance stability in the region, and to assign the sovereign right of Iraq to protect its lands and preserve the safety of its people."



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