​​​​​​​Iraqi army arrests two Çira TV channel correspondents with their driver

​​​​​​​Members of the Iraqi army arrested two reporters of Çira Tv channel, accompanied by the driver of their car, in the center of Shengal city.

According to what was published by Roj news agency, the arrest took place at 18:00 this evening, at the "al-Qabil" checkpoint of the Iraqi army, which enters the city of Shingal from the direction of Tel Uzair.

The two correspondents, Jakar Jilki, Gilan Hababy, and the driver, Faris Jassem, were taken to an Iraqi army point in Shengal.

According to the agency, no one was allowed to visit them and see the reasons for their arrest.

Çira Tv channel for the Yazidi community is a media outlet officially licensed by the Iraqi government and has the right to work and do news coverage.

T/ Satt.


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