Iraqi army intensifies its movements in Makhmour

The Iraqi army intensified its movements as part of its attempts to besiege the Makhmour camp (the martyr Rustam Judy).

Since this morning, the vicinity of Makhmour camp, which includes 12,000 refugees, has witnessed intensive movements by the Iraqi army in an attempt to besiege the camp, but the resistance shown by the people there limits it, according to what the camp residents told ANHA agency.

The Iraqi army increased its military vehicles and armored vehicles around the camp.

Since May 20, the Iraqi army has been trying to besiege the Makhmour camp (martyr Rustam Judy), which is sponsored by the United Nations and officially recognized as a refugee camp in 2011, and surrounded by trenches, barbed wire, and military observation points.

The camp is inhabited by refugees who were displaced to it from the Botan area in Bakur (Northern Kurdistan) in the nineties of the last century. As a result of the repressive practices practiced by the Turkish state against them in 1994.



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