Iraqi army prevents Italian delegation from visiting Makhmour camp

The Iraqi army prevented an Italian delegation from visiting the Makhmour camp to help the sick refugees, while the members of the delegation confirmed that it would continue to support the people of Makhmour.

Within the framework of its project to help refugees, an Italian delegation that includes intellectuals, human rights activists, journalists, writers and doctors visits each year Makhmour (Martyr Rustam Judy) refugee camp, Şengal and many other places, according to Roj News Agency.

Since May 20, the Iraqi army has been trying to besiege the Makhmour camp (martyr Rustam Judy), which is sponsored by the United Nations and officially recognized as a refugee camp in 2011, and surrounded by trenches, barbed wire, and military observation points.

On Saturday, the Italian delegation, consisting of 10 members, was scheduled to visit Makhmour refugee camp to provide them with medical services, but the Iraqi army prevented them from reaching the camp.

According to a source the delegation planned to visit the camp before surrounding it with barbed wire, stressing that when the delegation wanted to go to Makhmour, it was stopped for a long time, at the Haji Ali checkpoint in the Jiara area near Mosul.

The source explained that the delegation was forced to return to Mosul and then Baghdad, after the checkpoint's bad treatment and long-term stopping.

The delegation submitted a request to the Italian embassy in Baghdad, in which it criticized the practices of the Iraqi army.

The residents of Makhmour camp reported to ANHA agency that the Iraqi army has intensified its movements in the vicinity of the camp, as part of its continuous attempts to besiege.



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