Iraqi army raids ISIS' caves, dens with coalition's support

The Joint Operations Command in Iraq declared on Saturday raiding hideouts and caves of ISIS mercenaries, northwestern Iraq.

The Joint Operations Command stated in a statement that "forces from the army and police raided dens and caves with the support of the army and the international coalition's aviation."

It confirmed that it adopted a new tactic in pursuing the remnants of ISIS mercenaries, which helped carrying out an operation described as "qualitative", and added that the operation was implemented based on intelligence information by the Iraqi National Intelligence Service about the existence of underground hideouts in Wadi al-Tharthar regions.

After the information was received, aircrafts belonging to both the army and the international coalition conducted reconnaissance flights.

The Joint Operations said that it will announce at a later time what resulted from the raids against ISIS' hideouts.

In July 2017, the Iraqi government officially declared its victory over ISIS mercenaries after years of war with the support of the international coalition led by Washington.

Despite the liberation of Mosul from ISIS after fierce and devastating battles, it continued its activities in a number of areas in the north of the country.


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