Iraqi Army to Turkey: We will not tolerate the squandering Iraqi blood

The spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, condemned the Turkish bombing of Sidakan, which caused the death of a commander in the Iraqi Border Guard forces and a number of other commanders, and threatened, saying, "We will not tolerate squandering Iraqi blood."

He said in a press release, "This sinful attack resulted in the martyrdom of the commander of the Second Brigade in the First District in the Border Guard Command, the commander of the third regiment, and the injury of the commander of the first regiment, an intelligence officer and two of their accompanying associates."

He explained that "the fighters were in a reconnaissance operation in the Sidekan area, which is located inside Iraqi territory, 4 kilometers from the border with Turkey."

Major General Rasoul called on the Turkish forces to work on "clarifying the circumstances of the crime and holding those involved in it accountable, in order to preserve good neighborliness and relations between the two countries, which Iraq was keen to preserve and observe.

He continued: "We warned earlier about the continuation of Turkish violations on Iraqi lands, and the blood of Iraqis is precious, and we will not tolerate squandering Iraqi blood."

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