Iraqi call for  emergency session in Arab League after Oghlo' statements

 A member of the Iraqi Parliament called the Arab League for an emergency session, after Oghlo' statements, while another member confirmed that the statements are a violation of national sovereignty.

Yesterday, the Foreign Minister of the Turkish occupation state preempted the meeting of the defense ministers (Russia, Iran, Syria and Turkey), by insisting on continuing the occupation of the Syrian and Iraqi lands.

The Turkish foreign minister, Mawlud Chawish Oghlo, confirmed, in press statements, that his country's forces will not withdraw from northern Iraq and Syria.

The Turkish occupation continues to ignore international laws and respect of neighboring countries.

 A member of the Security and Defense Committee, Karim Abu Souda, believes that "Oghlo' statements regarding staying inside Iraq and continuing his country's military operations are a violation of national sovereignty."

Abu Souda said in a statement to Roj News Agency: "We are surprised by the statements of the Turkish Foreign Minister about the continuation of military operations in Iraq at a time when we hoped that Ankara would take serious attitude and take action by dialogue instead of military operations."

He added, "These statements are a new intervention that affects national sovereignty, and the Iraqi government must take a position on that."

Regarding the government's response, Abu Souda believes that "the Iraqi position is still shameful regarding the ongoing Turkish aggressions against Iraq," stressing "the need for patriotic action towards Turkey to stop the military operations, which he described as a violation of national sovereignty."

Meanwhile, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, Amer al-Fayez, called for an emergency session in the Arab League, after Oghlo's recent statements.

Al-Fayez said in a statement to Roj News that "Oghlo' statement must be considered by holding an emergency session in the Arab League and in the presence of all Arab countries in order to prove the Arab position of supporting Iraq against Turkey."



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