Iraqi MP: Turkey exploits the water file for political and economic reasons

An Iraqi parliamentarian criticized her government's negligence in dealing with the thirsty policies pursued by the Turkish occupation state against the Iraqi people by reducing the flows of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

"Turkey is exploiting the water file as an economic pressure card," Zainab al-Moussawi, a deputy from the "Sadiquon" parliamentary bloc, said in a press statement, noting that "the decline in the level of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers from Turkey to the country for decades, but this year seems more severe." According to Roj News Agency.

She added that "Turkey is putting Iraq's water in great danger, threatening our agricultural production and the provision of drinking water," noting that "Iraq has been suffering since 2003 from a major water scarcity as a result of the policies pursued by Turkey in this context."

"There is no real seriousness in the Iraqi government's moves to solve the water crisis with Turkey, which Iraq has been suffering from for years," she added.

The Turkish occupation state is pursuing a strategy of systematic destruction of water security for the Syrian and Iraqi peoples, as Turkish practices, over the past years, have led to the drying up of many rivers and springs in the two countries.



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