Iraqi National Security: Turkey goes beyond standards of dealing between countries

On Wednesday, the National Security Council condemned the Turkish aggression on Iraqi lands, describing it as a major violation of the standards for dealing between countries, and a violation of good-neighborly relations.

A statement by the council, published by Al-Sumaria News, said, "Today, he held his regular session under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kadhemi, and discussed the topics prepared for his agenda, in addition to discussing urgent and new issues, and taking appropriate decisions regarding it."

The Council strongly condemned, according to the statement, "the Turkish aggression on Iraqi lands and the targeting of Iraqi commanders," stressing that "this act is a major breach of all standards for dealing between countries,  good neighborly relations, and a major threat to the Iraqi national security and the stability of the region."

He added that "Iraq will exercise all means to defend its security and protect its citizens, including diplomatic messages," noting that "the government has decided to cancel the visit of the Turkish defense minister and another Turkish delegation to Baghdad," stressing the need for the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate with the international and Arab community In the diplomatic framework, to condemn this aggression and take the necessary measures. "

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