Iraqi officials demand cutting ties with Turkey and expelling its ambassador

Iraqi officials called on the Iraqi government to expel the Turkish ambassador and cut ties with Turkey, considering what Turkey had done as "a dangerous act that constitutes a kind of aggression against Iraqi sovereignty."

The Joint Operations Command in Iraq said that the security forces have the military capabilities to defend the country's security from any external attacks.

In a statement to the Iraqi News Agency, Maj. Gen. Tahsin al-Khafaji, spokesman for the command, said today, " Turkey's targeting to Iraqi officers while performing their duty in command of the border guards has negative effects on the level of relations between the two countries."

Al-Khafaji considered what Turkey had done "a dangerous act that constitutes a kind of aggression against Iraqi sovereignty."

And he added, "The Joint Operations Command began consulting at a high level with the Ministries of Defense and Interior and with military leaders in the Kurdistan region (Iraq) to discuss the repercussions of the repeated Turkish attacks on Iraqi lands."

Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji indicated that "there are instructions and commandments that may be issued by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces in this regard."

He pointed out that "the Joint Operations Command refuses to use Iraqi lands to settle scores," stressing that "Turkey must solve its problem on its own away from Iraqi lands."

He explained that "the National Security Council confirmed in its meeting that Iraq has several options to respond to these attacks, including diplomatic dialogue and political action."

He said, "The Joint Operations Command has the capabilities and military capabilities to defend the country's security and sovereignty. In the event that orders are issued regarding this, the security forces are fully prepared to defend national security."

He added that "the regional guards requested at the meeting to discuss some security points in the joint centers," stressing that the Joint Operations Command "is waiting for the response of the Regional Guard and the Peshmerga about the mechanism of work of these centers."

For his part, Representative Mansour Al-Baiji called on the Iraqi government to break its silence and bypass the shameful response to the Turkish violations and violations, considering that expelling the Turkish ambassador and cutting ties is the appropriate response to these violations.

Al-Baiji said in a statement: “The Iraqi government must move seriously by expelling the Turkish ambassador from the country and severing all commercial and economic relations with Turkey as a result of the violations it is doing in our country as a response to it so that Turkey will finally review its bombing and violation of our lands. ".

Al-Baiji added, "As long as the Iraqi government does not take the appropriate response against Turkey and is satisfied with the shy statements and handing over protest notes to Turkey, it will not stop permanently on these violations and will overtake more." Adding they took the constitutional oath to protect the country's sky, land and water.

The Iraqi army said on Tuesday that a Turkish air strike in the north of the country killed two Iraqi border guards and their driver, describing the attack as a blatant attack.


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