Iraqi parliament condemns Turkish attacks: It is a clear violation of security and stability of Iraq

​​​​​​​Today, the presidency of the Iraqi parliament condemned the Turkish occupation military attacks in Başûr Kurdistan, stressing that they constitute a "clear violation of Iraq's security and stability."

 The office of Shakhwan Abdullah, the second parliamentarian, stated that "the latter attended the meeting of the Presidency of the House of Representatives with Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein and the advanced cadre of the ministry, which was held today in the Constitutional Hall and in the presence of heads of blocs and parliamentary committees and a number of deputies."

 Abdullah stressed, according to the statement, "Iraq's rejection of any external aggression by neighboring countries," stressing the position of the Parliament and the Iraqi government to announce its official rejection of the violation of sovereignty and the use of Iraqi lands to conduct military operations on the border strip by Turkey, or the Iranian missile bombing of Hawler province, which  I  strongly condemn, at the governmental, political and popular  level he added, "Iraq is a state of national sovereignty, and there is no pretext or justification to bypass neighboring countries on our lands and airspace, and the continuation of violations is a clear violation of the security and stability of the country, and its repercussions will be negative on diplomatic and economic relations with neighbors."


 Source: Roj News

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