Iraqi refugees: Government must ensure appropriate living, security conditions for returnees

Iraqi refugees wishing to return to their homes expressed their thanks and gratitude to the management of al-Hole camp about the decision to open travel for those wishing to return to Iraqi territory. They appealed to the Iraqi government to maintain the security and stability of Iraq and to ensure the proper living conditions for returnees.

On 3 April, the Hole camp administration issued a decision to open travel for Iraqi refugees wishing to return to their country following great efforts by the Administration of northern and eastern Syria through the administration of the camp with the Iraqi government of Baghdad and relevant international bodies, including the International Red Cross and the United Nations. Which sent some kind of happiness and hope to the Iraqis wishing to return home.

In our agency  (ANHA) survey of Iraqi refugees in the Hole camp who wanted to return to Iraqi territory about the decision and the step taken by the management of the Hole camp to return, our correspondent met the young woman Sumaya Hamed, 33 years old, from al-Qaim province.

"The decision is good. This is a good step. We want to return to our land in good health, we are tired a lot, we just want to return to our land," Sumaya said, and called on the Iraqi government to provide security and stability in the entire territory of Iraq.

Al-Hole camp, located in the canton of al-Hasakah, 45 km east, 30,367 refugees are living in al-Hasakah, they are forced to flee to areas within Syrian territory, which is safer than Iraqi areas.

"We hope that we will return to our parents in Iraq, long ago, and I am far from my family. We are grateful for this decision because it provides us with a return to our country. We hope the Iraqi government will provide security and security in our areas once we return," said refugee Jilan Khalaf of Zemar area in Mousel province.

An official source in the Ministry of Human Rights and Iraqi refugees has confirmed to our agency ANHA days ago that the Iraqi government decided to open the Iraqi border to Iraqi refugees wishing to return to Iraqi territory.

He also stressed the ministry's continued cooperation with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria through the management of the Hole camp to coordinate the mechanism for the repatriation of refugees wishing to return to their homes.

The camp administration since the fourth day of April has opened the doors of registration on the travel that will take place in the coming weeks to Iraq, which has seen a large turnout by Iraqi refugees wishing to return.



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