Is a new wave of protests erupting in Iraq?

Iraqi sources suggested that the country will witness a new wave of protests, against the backdrop of not finding a solution to the electricity crisis, which led over the past year to the Iraqis taking to the streets.

And Iraqi sources expected during its talk to Al-Arab newspaper that the demonstration that took place in al-Amin neighborhood yesterday was the beginning of a broader wave of protest that was originally expected due to the lack of any significant progress in addressing the electricity crisis that has represented over the past years fomenting semi-regular protests in such a chapter that The need for electric power multiplies, and the crisis is most acute.

Hundreds of angry demonstrators stormed, on Sunday, the electricity distribution building east of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in protest at increasing hours of power cuts, coinciding with temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius.

Witnesses said hundreds of demonstrators stormed the building of the distribution of electrical energy in al-Amin neighborhood, east of Baghdad, to protest against the increase in hours of power outages, and threatened workers and officials to prevent them from entering the building if they continued to cut the power.

Iraq is currently leading a government whose formation, led by Mustafa al-Kazimi, has been less than three months old, which was formed by the wave of protests of the kind that erupted last fall, and toppled the government of former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi.



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