IS' gang surrendered to SDF

A gang of IS whose most elements are of foreign nationalities gave itself up to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), east of Hajin town amid the continued advance of the forces and the liberation of more civilians.


The battle to defeat terrorism that was launched by SDF in the last stronghold of IS east of Deir ez-Zor city is ongoing.

As the forces are progressing continuously and liberating more sites, a group consisted of 60 mercenaries, most of them are of foreign nationalities surrendered to SDF, east of Hajin town.

According to what a commander in the ranks of SDF forces stated, the mercenaries are of French, British, Indian, Pakistani and other nationalities.

The commander pointed out that the mercenaries gave themselves up after SDF fighters dealt harsh blows to their sites.

The commander also said that in coincidence with the mercenaries' surrender, SDF fighters managed to liberate thousands of civilians who used to be used as human shields by IS mercenaries, and secured safe corridors for them.

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