IS is on verge of defeat in next hours 

Military officials from the Syrian Democratic Forces expected the close end of the military operations in al-Baguz village in the coming hours, as the fighting intensified after the resumption of the offensive after a new batch of civilians exited.


On Wednesday morning, Arab newspapers touched upon the battles between IS and SDF in al-Baguz village.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: The exit of civilians from al-Baguz, IS is on the verge of defeat

Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper published that over al-Baguz village, east of Syria, the sounds of the International Coalition's aircrafts, bursts of fire, and heavy artillery bombardment were heard at a time when clouds of smoke had been raging since Monday-Tuesday night over the last pocket under IS' domination in the east of the Euphrates.

The newspaper pointed out that the military battles intensified after the resumption of the Syrian Democratic Forces their decisive attack at night last Sunday, while IS' elements fought viciously in order to defend the last pocket they are holed up by a network of tunnels and trenches scattered near al-Baguz camp on the eastern banks of the Euphrates River in Syria.

The Syrian Democratic Forces announced that more people exiting the organization's last pocket had surrendered after a violent night of artillery and air strikes.

Judy Hasakah, a military commander in the Syrian Democratic Forces said that IS' militants are moving under the ground, and said, "In a desperate attempt to defend the latest sites, we besieged them from all sides, and they have no choice only surrendering or they will be eradicated militarily."

The newspaper added, "With the continuation of the military clashes that entered its third day, military officials in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces expected that the operation to finish within the next few hours."

Al-Hayat: Brussels 3rd conference opens to support Syria and the region's future

Al-Hayat said, "The European Union will host the Brussels III conference on supporting the future of Syria and the region between Tuesday and Thursday. The foreign ministers of the European Union, the League of Arab States and representatives of the international community will discuss the political dimension of the Syrian crisis and the commitments of providing financial assistance to ensure the flow of humanitarian and development aid for the year 2019-2020."

The newspaper added, "The European Union, in launching the meetings of representatives of hundreds of civil society organizations in Syria and the neighboring countries, stressed its commitment to continue supporting the Syrians in the refugees' camps in the neighboring countries and at home, and to commit to a political solution based on international references.



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