IS mercenary admits: Special groups trained to move to Europe via Turkey

The mercenary of IS Abdel Azim Ratchout who surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) during the battle to defeat terrorism which continues on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River admitted with information about special groups that have been trained to move to Europe via Turkey, and to move IS in Turkey and Europe.


In an exclusive interview held by Hawar news agency with a group of IS mercenaries who surrendered a week ago to the Syrian Democratic Forces during the battle to  defeat terrorism, the latest stage of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign against the last strongholds of IS in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor, the mercenaries gave information and ways of their movements in Turkey and how they are moved to Syria, along with the situation of IS organization in Syria and their plans at home and abroad.

Abu Omer al-Pakistani, of "Leshgar Tayeb" extremist organization in Kashmir to IS organization in Syria

His real name is Abdel Azim Ratchout Ahmed and nicknamed Abu Omer al-Pakistani. He was born in Sialkot of Pakistan in 1999, from a religious extremist family. He studied for several years and went to the mosque to learn and receive Quran and Shari'a lessons at the request of his father. He joined the Pakistani strict organization of "Leshgar Tayeb" that is placed in the lists of global terrorism, and he is at the age of 13.

Ratchout has fought in Kashmir front for a year against the Indian army in the disputed areas of Kashmir, then returned to Pakistan and recognized a person named Abdul Sattar to tempt him and motivate him to go to Syria during the events of the siege of al-Ghouta in the countryside of Damascus. Ratchout was then convinced and asked him to be sent there.

From Iran to Turkey.. A dense network of IS mercenaries moving in their "gate" Istanbul

Ahmed crossed the Pakistani-Iranian borders with the help of Abdul Sattar, and he is an organizer and supporter of the extremist organizations with elements and information in Pakistan to repeat his name several times. Ratchout Ahmed said that he had traveled to the Turkish territories by communicating with a person named Nazir Abu Abdullah in Istanbul. He continued, "When I arrived to Istanbul with a Pakistani family, I have stayed for several days until I reconnected with Abu Abdullah, and he said that somebody would come and take me."

Ratchout said that IS' presence is in a large network, especially in Orfeh, where I visited and was received. He then continued to tell the story of his arrival in Syria, "At night, someone came to accompany a group of 20 to 30 people, including me, and he took us to Syria. We entered Tel Abyed in the spring of 2015, and they brought us into Tel Abyed. I was 16 years old and I was ignorant of what was happening around me where everything was strange.

Ratchout said, "We were forced to go to Iraq although we demanded to stay and fight in Syria, but I did not have a choice so I went with a group to al-Mosel city and we filled our record there. We joined a legitimate and military course, and we were sent to Baiji base. In Baiji, we fought the Iraqi army. In the first month, we fought within the battalion named Tareq Bin Ziyad, and 27 of our elements were killed with a warplane's bombardment and I got injured, while just 3 elements of us remained.

Then, I asked to return to Syria. After attempts, they sent me to al-Raqqa to work in the logistical support of the elements within a group in Homs, Hama and then Damascus countryside.

Groups were trained secretly and privately to move to Europe

The mercenary Abdul Azim Ratchout Ahmed, known as Abu Omer al-Pakistani, confirms that there was flexibility in the relations between IS and Turkey because IS had a network and not just one or two people.

He provided information on the presence of special and secret groups, the majority of the European nationalities as they are being trained to return and move in the future.

He said, "Yes, there were conversations and information that many of us know about IS elements who are being sent to Europe. I personally know two of my friends, one of them from Pakistan and the other is European, I do not know his country."

The Pakistani told me that they were sent in a special camp for those who would go to Europe and they would go there, and that they have a private and secret place you cannot ask about because that would be a danger to our lives. He told me that their place is special, and they will later move to Europe to conduct operations in the appropriate moment.

It is worth mentioning that the mercenary Ratchout surrendered with a group of five terrorists to the Syrian Democratic Forces when they were assigned by IS mercenaries to intercept the convoys of the displaced people heading towards the areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor on 6-1-2019.



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