ISF arrest ring of spies work for MIT, National Council and ISIS

The Internal Security Forces arrested a network of spies shared in attacks and massacres planned by Turkish intelligence, the National Council and ISIS.

Turkish state is using all means of special warfare to damage gains of NE Syria's revolution, where it supports ISIS and gives morale to the mercenaries.

Moreover the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Kurdish National Council are also working to legitimize the occupation of the Turkish state and training mercenaries for Turkish intelligence.

As part of its operations in Kobani, the Internal Security Forces arrested the so-called Ezz al-Din Ahmed Omar, Farhad Ramadan al-Hussein, and Majid Naim al-Hassan. who were recruited as spies by the Kurdish National Council.

The three spies revealed in that they are working in many areas of North and East Syria to carry out massacres and create chaos in exchange for money.

Ezz al-Din Ahmed Omar (Hozan), who is the member of spy network was born in the village of Shiran in Kobani. He has worked since 2012 in the ranks of the People's Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces, and during the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces against ISIS, Ezz El-Din went to Deir Ezzor. There, his cousin persuaded him to work for Turkey in exchange for money.

About his work in the network, Ezz El-Din Ahmed Omar said: "My cousin, Muhammad Abdo Assaf, contacted me, he is the member of the Kurdish National Council and lives in Turkey. He was in Reyhanli at the time. He told me, "There is a job for which you will get a lot of money." I did what he asked of me, he would give me a lot of money, I accepted that. I persuaded the young men, Farhad Ramadan Al-Hussein and Majid Naim Al-Hassan, to work together with the Turkish intelligence.

On his first mission Ezz El-Din said "The first thing was to detonate military armored vehicles. My cousin took me to a man named Maroud to help me in this work. I was sending them information through Muhammad Abdo Assaf, who deals with Turkey and ISIS.

At first I sent them information about a Toyota car, and they targeted it with a missile, where a fighter from the Syrian Democratic Forces was martyred.

Then I gave information about an armored vehicle to the logistics services and they detonated it, but no one harmed in that process, I got two thousand dollars for this.

Farhad Ramadan Al-Hussein and Houzan also targeted two military armored vehicles in Suwaidan, which is affiliated with Deir ez-Zor, and received $1,000 for each armored vehicle.

Ezz al-Din added during the Baghouz campaign, Muhammad Abdo Assaf (the official of Turkish intelligence and the National Council) told us to stop the bombings, and stole weapons and gave them to Muroud. In return for this work, he gave me $3,000.

After that, I went to the Kisra area in Deir Ezzor. Muhammed Abdo Assaf called and told me 'You are going to create chaos there.' One of the immoral tactics of Turkish intelligence is attacking moral values. My job here was to plant drugs among the fighters and make them complain about each other. In addition to assaulting on young fighters.

Ezz al-Din said: "The National Council and MIT asked me to go to Ain Issa, where I sent the coordinates of the military points to them."

Farhad Ramadan al-Hussein, who was also assigned to carry out the Kobani attacks, said Ezz al-Din Omar called him and asked him to move his house to Kobani. And he told him that they would carry out major explosions in it, and for this they would get 20 thousand dollars.



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