ISF dismantled explosive devices in al-Shadadi

 Internal Security Forces(ISF) managed to dismantle a number of devices explosive devices in al-Shadadi district on Tuesday afternoon.


According to a communication submitted by the citizens of Marqada town in al-Shadadi district of al-Hasakah canton, which reported the existence of a strange "bag" next to the main road between Deir ez-Zor and al-Shadadi, members of the demining teams in coordination with members of the General Security Service and the Central Operations Department of the Internal Security Forces, headed to the place mentioned.

After the detection of the "bag", after the imposition of a security cordon around its whereabouts, it was found to contain ten explosive devices equipped with remote controls are as follows:

1- Newly equipped adhesive devices number /7 /.

2 - Eye explosive devices on the eye number / 1 /.

3 - Ordinary devices number / 2 /.

All the explosive devices were dismantled successfully by the demining teams without any damage.



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