ISIS cell leader admits 3 murders

An ISIS cell leader has confessed that his cell was behind three murders carried out in the al-Hol Camp as everyone opposed to the ideology was put on the list of death.

At least 70 ISIS affiliates were arrested in the Humanitarian and Security Campaign undertaken in the al-Hol Camp that set up cells inside the camp of whom Abu Akram.

On march 28th, the campaign started in the camp by the Internal Security Forces in coordination with the SDF, YPG and YPJ, in a bid to bring into end all crimes committed in the camp, some 45 km distance to the east of the city of Hasaka.

Saddam Hisein Hemed an Iraqi national was arrested in the second day of the operation member to the Abu Akram Iraqi, nicknamed as Abu Mihemed al-Iraqi, that is from the Salahadine Governorate in Iraq a husband with two wives, father of seven children, from the Abu Silo tribe.  

Abu Mihemed told ANHA that prior to his ISIS affiliation in 2914 he was working in cars maintenance and kept the same occupation after joining the group.  

Abu Mihemed crossed into Syrian lands after ISIS lost ground to the Popluar Mobilization Forces in the city of Qa'im and entered the camp on Julyt 27th, 2018, as an Iraqi refugee, where at first worked as a seller at outskirts of the market to rejoin the group at the end of the very same year after being introduced to mercenary Husam Taleb Fadel an ISIS cell member in the camp.

Abu Mihemed as assigned with collecting information for the Abu Akram Cell and as arms and IEDs transferee and assassination operator.

The Abu Akram Cell is made up of 6 members headed by Hashem Shalal, Husam Talweb Fadel, Ala' Abdul Razaq, Mihemed Abdul Satar and Anwer Abu Maya, carried out three murders against Mis'eb Yusuf, Ahmed Jasem and Abu Khider, as many others were threated for working with the Autonomous Administration and the security bodies in the camp.

Mis'eb Yusuf Ahmed- born in 1997, was killed in October 110th, 2020, after survived killing on August 13th, 2020, in the First Sector, phase 94. 

Ahmed Ali Jasem, 28, member to the Iraqi Council, who was living in the First Sector, was killed on March 3rd, 2021, at 3 dawn, while the identity of Abu Khider that was killed on December 10th, 2020 remained unverified.

Abu Mihemed admitted that his task was to ''receive the arms coming from outside3 the camp and delivering it to the cell inside the camp''.  

'' I received from Arkan Ilwan Nofel, driver of the water tank rifle 9m, as well as a clock rifle, and bullets, and silencers, and sending them via women to Abu Akram, for security'', he said.

On January 23rd, 2021 Arkan Nofel, AN Iraqi, 22, was killed at three dawn.

''everybody has links to the AA and security bodies were targeted, as well as the Iraqi Council, and those trying to deter ISIS ideology and stand up to revive the Islamic State'', even after the Baghouz collapse, he said, adding that everyone deserted the terrorist group or have links to any other part than ISIS was being targeted. 

'' all instructions were coming from a person living outside the camp, in the village of Hadadiye, known as al- Jarah,  VIA Abu Akram, based on the situation in the camp and instructions delivered by officials in the ''Caliphate'',, he said.



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