ISIS element holds Iraqi nationality: Turkey strongly supports us

ISIS cells were active in conjunction with the Turkish occupation attacks on northern and eastern Syria, while the SDF arrested cells responsible for bombings and assassinations in the city of al-Raqqa, and during the investigation revealed element of the cell, an Iraqi nationality of many of the mysteries of their movements and their supporters, and how to coordinate between them and Turkey to carry out attacks against coalition forces, prisons and camps.

After a thorough investigation and follow-up, Security Forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) arrested during a qualitative operation on November 8 a Daesh cell of 6 mercenaries in al-Raqqa city, which was responsible for a number of bombings and assassinations, and plans to carry out several attacks and seized in their possession A number of ISIS women have escaped from the camps during Turkey's attacks on northern and eastern Syria.

During an interrogation of one of the cell's elements, Yassin Mohammed Abdul, nicknamed Abu Farouq al-Iraqi, an Iraqi national from Ramadi, born in 2002, says he joined ISIS when he was in the ninth grade in 2017, where he was influenced by ISIS visuals as well as encouraged by his sibling. Before that he joined ISIS, whose name was Haytham, nicknamed Abu Mustafa, who was then in al-Raqqa.

The mercenary Yassin recounted some details of his joining and said: "Immediately after joining ISIS they sent me to Sharia course in the city of al-Raqqa. After completion, they sent us to Hama, where we joined a military training camp. After graduation, we renewed the pledge of allegiance to ISIS.I became a soldier in a battalion called al-Kharsa, run by a Tunisian leader named Abu Hamza al-Tunisi. After a month's stay in Deir ez-Zor, they sent us to al-Sokhna desert and there we fought against the Syrian regime. we fought a battle during which the Tunisian leader was killed and no one took his place. we withdrew from the area. A month later I returned to Deir-ez-Zor. "

Yassin confirmed that all logistical support, weapons and ammunition were arriving through Turkey, and all the injured were receiving medical treatment in Turkey and entering through the Tal Abyad crossing.  And added "Turkey strongly supports us, "ISIS has had many camps in Turkey. There are leaders who direct the organization from inside Turkey and send them instructions from Turkey."

Yassin noted that they faced great difficulties in confronting the coalition and the SDF, many ISIS leaders were killed during the fighting, and with the loss of geography ISIS began to change strategy, where many elements were deployed in different parts of Syria to later serve as cells against the coalition and SDF in cooperation with the existing cells, he noted that he was sent to the so-called "Euphrates Shield" areas controlled by Turkey after the defeat of ISIS in al-Bagouz city.

Yassin said that after a while they were instructed that their goal would be to kill American soldiers to avenge their commanders who were killed by coalition strikes, stressing that in coordination with the Turkish side they were sent to the al-Tanf area to carry out suicide operations and kill American soldiers there, but they were unable to reach coalition bases in al-Tanf. They asked them to go towards Deir-ez-Zor.

And added: "We moved in coordination with cells previously in the areas of the regime and entered from the barracks of the regime until we reached al-Sokhna, and from there we entered into the area of Shuhail controlled by SDF, and we sat there with a person named Abu Omar, our mission was to carry out a suicide attack against the coalition in al-Tabqa this time, and therefore we headed towards al-Tabqa area and stayed for a while we plan the process, but we were surprised that the coalition withdrew from al-Tabqa area and our plan failed, and therefore we changed the target to be our operations against SDF in al-Raqqa this time, and therefore we went to al-Raqqa and sat in the town al-Mansoura period.

Yassin noted that before Turkey launched attacks on northern Syria, the security situation in al-Raqqa was very tight and they were not able to move much or carry out attacks easily, stressing at the same time that all expenses and money were sent to them from Turkey.

Yassin also says that after a period of coordination between them and the Turkish side that as Turkey began to launch attacks on northern and eastern Syria, they have to move as cells at home and intensify attacks on the SDF to weaken and eliminate them.

Yassin confirmed that the instructions they received asked them to target prisons and camps where there are detainees and families of ISIS and get them out.

SDF arrested them while they were planning to launch their attacks.



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