ISIS fight desperately to lift siege on Turkish occupation checkpoints

Video footage had been depicted in areas in Idlib province, being occupied by Turkey and mercenary gangs which revealed the participation of ISIS mercenaries in the battles alongside the Turkish occupation forces against regime forces.

The video shows the mercenary groups preparations to launch an expanded attacking against Syrian regime forces in Idlib.

The footage shows a mercenary putting the ISIS flag on his shoulder, speaking to the reporter at the mercenary gathering point, and the mercenary promises the Syrian regime to retaliate and recover all the territory they recently lost to regime forces.

He confirms the participation of the mercenaries of Ahrar al-Sham, Failq al-Sham, and some other jihadist factions in the battles, as well as confirming that the Turkish occupation army provided them with armored vehicles, and will participate Turkish ground forces in the battles on the front lines.

Another adds that they are preparing for the battle to lift the siege of all the Turkish occupation checkpoints that left behind regime-held areas.

ISIS mercenary leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a village in Idlib province (Barrisha), on the Turkish border, in an operation carried out by U.S. special forces at the end of October last year, after monitoring and following up on al-Baghdadi in coordination with the SDF.



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