ISIS financier captured by SDF

Syrian Democratic Forces announced an ISIS financier in NES and in charge of delivering money to ISIS families in the Hol Camp in eastern Hasaka has been captured.

Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces announced in a statement the capture of Mohamed Ahmed Kerez an ISIS mercenary in charge of delivering money to ISIS families and mercenary cells in North eastern Syria.

The terrorist admitted that he used to receive money sent from Turkey and Idlib to be allotted afterwards to ISIS cells in NES. The terrorist descends from the city of Bab in far eastern Aleppo countryside admitted he used to extort merchants under Zakat to gain money that was delivered to ISIS cells including the Hol Camp some 45 km to the east of the city of Hasaka.

Mohamed Kerez admitted also he was on contact with a certain Ibrahim whose mission was to receive parcels and IEDs from Turkey and Idlib.



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