ISIS is active again in Syrian Badia.. What is the reason?

The Syrian Badia has become like shifting sand that swallows convoys of government forces, as ISIS mercenaries have intensified their activity in the region.

The frequency of ISIS mercenaries' attacks against the Syrian government forces increased in the Syrian Badia, which extends from the east of Homs Governorate to the far east of Deir Ezzor Governorate.

ISIS mercenaries launched its most bloody attack since a year in this January, when mercenaries killed 40 members of the government forces in an ambush set by mercenaries on a bus of the government forces on the Homs-Deir Ezzor road.

A few hours later, the mercenaries launched a new attack, killing 7 government forces, following an attack on the latter points in Deir Ezzor.

On the fourth of this month, ISIS mercenaries ambushed a military bus for the government forces in the Homs Badia in the center of the country, in which 15 members of the government forces were killed, and ISIS continued to target government forces on the 11th of this month, killing eight of the government forces in Damascus.

In the latest statistics of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the death toll from 24 March 2019 until 23 January 2021 reached 1,089 dead from government forces and militants loyal to it of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, including at least two Russians, in addition to 145 non-Syrian pro-Iranian groups, they were all killed during attacks, bombings and ambushes of ISIS mercenaries in the west of the Euphrates, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, Homs and As-Suwayda desert.

“Mercenaries are an alternative weapon to confront the opponents”

On this, the Egyptian researcher who specializes in Islamic movements, extremist organizations and international terrorism, Munir Adeeb said: “Some countries use mercenaries as an alternative weapon to confront their opponents and also to create chaos, and some of them use them with another weapon, and the other weapon is called (the weapon of religious organizations and groups, extremist groups), making them a mixture to bring down homelands and attack them and create chaos and violence. "

Adeeb said in his speech "this method is used by some countries, most notably Turkey, as it threatened the security and stability of citizens and civilians in northern and eastern Syria, and in the Syrian Badia."

The Egyptian researcher emphasized, "There is activity by these mercenaries who are in this region, and Turkey has used them and is still using them as a weapon to confront its opponents in the region and here we mean the Kurds, and this increased activity must be an international confrontation, especially since they work for wages and in exchange for money, and they are stripped of customs and traditions. ".

Munir Adeeb pointed out that “ISIS mercenaries are fighting for money, and therefore this violates all international conventions, and the international community must confront this with full force, because these have allowed many countries to achieve their interests, and certainly they pose a threat to the security of the world, not to mention unethical behavior. It is dishonest in dealing with opponents, whether in wars or even in times of peace. "



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