ISIS returned to Tel Abyad under National Army

Evidence is daily increased that ISIS mercenaries are participating in the Turkish attack on NE Syria, and sources disclosed that a number of ISIS mercenaries returned to Tel Abyad canton after occupying it.

Despite what the Turkish occupation state circulates about the Syrian National Army, the facts on the ground are totally different.

Reliable sources disclosed to ANHA the names of a number of ISIS mercenaries among them a security member who returned to Tel Abyad under the name of the Syrian National Army affiliated by the Turkish occupation army.

Among those mercenaries is the mercenary Rami Youssef al-Dehsh, lives in Tel Abyad city, Ain al-Arous neighborhood.

Rami was previously a member of the Free Army in Ahrar al-Sham Battalion, after that, he worked as a security member for ISIS in Tel Abyad, and now, he is working with the Turkish Intelligence.

The mercenary participated with the Turkish occupation army to occupy Tel Abyad, and he is existed in Tel Abyad now. 

There is also the mercenary Sa’ad Shuhada al-Bethawi, a previous member of ISIS, from Tel Abyad from al-Mustriha village.

In 2013, he was an agent for Jabhet al-Nusra, then he joined ISIS. As Tel Abyad was liberated from ISIS in 2015, he fled to Turkey, and now is working within al-Jabha al-Shamiyya.

He also participated in the occupation of Tel Abyad and is existed in the canton now. 


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