ISIS women attempt to kill Iraqi refugee in al-Hol camp

A group of ISIS mercenaries’ women attempted to kill an Iraqi refugee in Al-Hol camp, as the scenario of crimes they committed inside the camp continues.

Women of ISIS mercenaries in al-Hol camp, 45 km east of al-Hasakah city, continue to undermine the camp’s security through stabbing, killing, burning and fleeing operations, in an effort to preserve the ideology of ISIS.

In another incident, our correspondent reported that the women of ISIS mercenaries in the camp attempted to kill an Iraqi refugee, called Hatim Abdul Karim, who came from Baaj district.

The accident occurred yesterday evening, in the camp's market, where the refugee Hatem, who was working as a barber in the market, was injured in his right thigh, and was subsequently transferred to the camp's field hospital.

Murder and stabbing crimes increased inside the camp, and the security authorities confirmed through previous statements to our agency that this is due to the mindset of ISIS which mercenaries’ women still hold.

She indicated that women stand behind most of these crimes in an effort to preserve ISIS ideology among their families, and spread it among Iraqi refugees.



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